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Are you looking for top-notch brand name registration services? Trust our experienced team to navigate the complexities of trademark registration for your brand.

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Our Comprehensive

Trademark Registration Features


Comprehensive Trademark Search

As a leading trademark registration company, we ensure your brand name doesn't infringe on existing trademarks by conducting thorough research.


Intellectual Property Protection

We understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property and work diligently to secure your trademark registration rights.


Post-Registration Monitoring

This proactive approach helps identify and address potential infringements, maintaining the brand's integrity in the US trademark register and beyond.


Expertise in Trademark Registration

With seasoned professionals experienced in the US trademark register system backing our trademark brand name registration service, we guide you through every step of the process.

Comprehensive Trademark Filing Services

We simplify the process of filing a US trademark. From initial trademark searches to preparing and submitting applications, we handle all aspects of trademark registration.


Protection Beyond Borders

Our services extend beyond the US trademark register. If you have international business, we help you in securing trademark in multiple jurisdictions, ensuring your brand is shielded on a global scale.


Trademark Registration Made Easy

Our trademark registration service is dedicated to delivering effective and tailored solutions for brand protection, whether you're looking to secure your brand within the US or expand internationally.

  • Basic

    $45 + Federal Filing Fee

    *Quick and Easy Trademark Registration Services

    • Case Review by IP paralegal
    • Basic Trademark Search
    • Trademark Monitoring Services (1 Month)
    • Trademark Secured®
    • Filing along with your Paperwork
    • 100% Approval Guaranteed
  • Deluxe

    $149 + Federal Filing Fee

    *Get the most out of our trademark registration service if you’re on a budget.

    • Case Review by US licensed IP Attorney
    • Basic Free Trademark Search
    • Trademark Monitoring Services (3 Months)
    • Trademark Secured®
    • Refusal Risk Meter®
    • Filing along with your Paperwork
    • Dedicated Paralegal at Law & 100% Approval Guaranteed

Secure Your Brand's Identity with Precision

Don't leave your brand vulnerable to potential infringements. Take action today and trust our proven trademark registration services to protect your brand's legacy.


How It Works?


Trademark Search

This step involves searching existing trademarks within the jurisdiction you wish to register (e.g., US Trademark Register) to ensure your proposed trademark is unique.


Filing Application

Once your trademark becomes eligible for registration, we proceed to prepare and file your trademark application. We complete the necessary paperwork and documentation on your behalf.


Maintenance Monitoring

We provide continuous monitoring services to protect your intellectual property. This includes monitoring the US trademark register for potential infringements and taking necessary actions to safeguard your brand.


We are trusted not to compromise.


Do You Want to Learn More?

Remember that trademark registration is a legal process, and it's wise to consult with a qualified trademark registration service provider.

The timeline for trademark registration can vary, but it generally takes anywhere from 8 months to over a year, depending on factors such as the jurisdiction and the complexity of the application. It's important to start the process early to secure your rights.

Trademarks can include words, logos, slogans, sounds, and even colors in some cases. Essentially, any distinctive identifier associated with your brand can potentially be trademarked, provided it meets the legal requirements.

If another party is using a similar trademark, it could potentially lead to trademark disputes or conflicts. Depending on the situation, you may need to negotiate coexistence agreements, change your mark, or, in some cases, pursue legal action to protect your rights.

Trademarks are territorial, meaning that registration typically only provides protection within the specific jurisdiction where it's registered. If you plan to do business internationally, it's advisable to consider trademark registration in other countries or regions to protect your brand on a global scale.

After successful registration, you gain exclusive rights to use the trademark in connection with the registered goods or services. You should actively monitor for potential infringements and renew your trademark according to the specified schedule to maintain protection.

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