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Our tax professionals develop tax strategies, reduce errors, increase refunds, and help avoid an audit.

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Did you know you’re eligible for numerous deductions, credits, and exemptions that could make your tax bills more affordable? Our expert tax consultants assist small and medium enterprises to capitalize on these opportunities and ensure they remain tax compliant year-round. Let’s get started!


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Join forces with thousands of businesses using Books And Balances INC to record transactions, recognize monetary issues, and store financial documentation. Update as you go!

  • Individual
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    • The price we mentioned is only for people with simple W2 forms. If your tax situation is more complex, like having different forms or a special filing status, the price might change. To get started, just click the button below.
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    • The cost might go up or down based on how complicated your tax situation is, what kind of filing you're doing, and if there are extra forms we need to fill out for you. To begin, please click the button below.
  • S Corp | Partnership| C Corp
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    • Please note that this fee covers both your personal and business taxes, but it might change if your taxes are more complicated, your filing status is different, or we have to fill out extra forms for you. To begin, just click the button below.

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We cherish our customer-centric mindset for tax preparation for small businesses struggling to plan their investments or meet their financial obligations.


How It Works?


Personalized onboarding

Your dedicated team learns your business and connects to your financial data sources, ensuring a tailored approach to your needs and setting the stage for accurate results.


Streamlined communication

Communicate directly with your team through our user-friendly portal, where you can ask questions and provide feedback on any outstanding items needed to finalize every month.


Accurate Data

We deliver monthly P&L, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flow reports that offer insight into your company’s financial health and enable you to make informed decisions.


We are trusted not to compromise.


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If you’re new to Books And Balances INC, this bit should help you learn more about our platform, features, and services.

Service tax preparation is the process of calculating, reporting, and filing taxes on services provided by individuals or businesses.

Hiring a professional tax preparer ensures accurate calculations, maximizes deductions, minimizes errors, and reduces the risk of an audit.

The cost varies based on complexity, transaction volume, and the tax preparer's experience. Request a quote or discuss fees upfront.

You can, but it can be time-consuming and error-prone. Professionals ensure accuracy and compliance, while simple cases may be done independently using software or online platforms.

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