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Complete Online Payroll Preparation Solutions for SMEs

Establishing a set of regulated steps to help you form an employee payroll cycle over the cloud.

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An Uncomplicated, Error-Free, and Coherent Payroll Management System

Did you know that 63.3 percent of employee departures are preventable? We’re payroll service providers encompassing the process of computing hours, depositing salaries, deducting taxes, and maintaining financial documentation to ensure your business remains legally compliant and your employees happy.

Managing Payrolls Effectively

Books And Balances INC’s online payroll preparation services ensure the success of your business all year round.

  • Cloud Based Payroll Systems
  • Tax Compliance Management
  • Real-Time Payroll Processing
  • Robust Security Measures
  • Error-Free Deposits
  • Payroll Data Maintenance

Business Payroll Experts Clocked In

Integrate an efficient, reliable, and secure payroll processing system into your business infrastructure to calculate paychecks and taxes automatically.

  • Automated multi-state payroll management
  • Accrual accounting against leaves
  • Streamlining employee benefits and compensations


Budget-friendly payroll services

Join forces with thousands of businesses using Books And Balances INC to record transactions, recognize monetary issues, and store financial documentation. Update as you go!

  • Start-Up 1 – 10 Employees

    $25 /Month

    Per Employee

    • Full Service Payroll
    • Direct Deposit
    • Tax Filing
    • W-2 & 1099
    • Yearend Tax Reports
    • Robust Reporting
  • SMB 11 – 99 Employees

    $22 /Month

    Per Employee

    • Full Service Payroll
    • Direct Deposit
    • Tax Filing
    • W-2 & 1099
    • Year end Tax Reports
    • Robust Reporting
  • Custom Over 250 Employees


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    • Full Service Payroll
    • Direct Deposit
    • Tax Filing
    • W-2 & 1099
    • Year end Tax Reports
    • Robust Reporting

The People's Choice for Financial Solutions

We cherish our customer-centric mindset for formulating financial solutions for small businesses struggling to plan their investments or meet their financial obligations.


How It Works?


Personalized onboarding

Your dedicated team learns your business and connects to your financial data sources, ensuring a tailored approach to your needs and setting the stage for accurate results.


Streamlined communication

Communicate directly with your team through our user-friendly portal, where you can ask questions and provide feedback on any outstanding items needed to finalize every month.


Accurate Data

We deliver monthly P&L, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flow reports that offer insight into your company’s financial health and enable you to make informed decisions.


We are trusted not to compromise.


Because It’s Your Right to Know!

If you’re new to Books And Balances INC, this bit should help you learn more about our platform, features, and services.

Payroll solutions manage employee payments, including wages, deductions, and taxes.

Payroll solutions simplify payments, ensure accuracy, and aid compliance with tax and labor laws.

Payroll solutions automate tasks like calculating wages, deductions, and tax withholdings, generating paychecks, and providing reports.

Outsourcing payroll saves time, reduces errors, ensures compliance, and offers expertise and support. It frees up resources for core operations.

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