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Let’s Scale Your Small Businesses Profitability

Setting up your finance and accounting resources early in the business guarantees optimal results at nominal costs.

  • Recording Transactions
  • Maintaining Statements
  • Tracking Cash Flows
  • Business Insights
  • Financial Control
  • Payroll Management

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Simplifying Account Management Across Industries with Experts

Books And Balances INC is a dedicated bookkeeping agency that outsources industry-specific accounting services to help businesses meet their financial obligations and plan investments accordingly.

Certified Professionals

Our employees are alumni of the most renowned accountancy firms across the globe, with years of experience balancing books and managing finances for leading companies in the USA.

Business and
Tech Savvy

Our bookkeepers are well aware of the ins and outs of modern business dynamics and tools that assist financial management. We ensure your books remain tax-ready 24/7.

Always On Time

What’s a solution that doesn’t make its way to you in time? Our accountants guarantee financial clarity, alongside 100 percent financial control, when balancing your books.

Quality Over Quantity

We believe in delivering exceptional bookkeeping services every time. Hence, we’ve onboarded financial experts who check records and transactions repeatedly before delivering.


Excellence in Money Matters

Join forces with exceptional bookkeepers, payroll experts, and CFOs with decades of experience managing daily transactions and running multiple business accounts. We actively reduce the time you spend managing your money and offer insights for securing future investments.

Improving Your Count

The most prominent con of hiring an in-house accountant is the cost; this can easily be eliminated by outsourcing accounting services with Books and Balances INC. Here you only pay for the hours the accountant needs to put in for balancing your books.


Positioning Business for Success

Focus on value-adding activities contributing towards your business expansion while we handle the money matters in the background. Be assured of quality bookkeeping capabilities with innovative and intuitive strategies that keep you ahead of the market competition.

The People’s Choice for Financial Solutions

We cherish our customer-centric mindset for formulating bookkeeping financial solutions for small businesses struggling to plan their investments or meet their financial obligations.



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