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Outsourced CFO Services For Monitoring Business Growth

Our CFOs and financial consultants strategically apply long-term business plans to offer financial security and insights on monetary freedom of choice.

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Detailed Data Analysis

Outsourcing your CFO services gives your business access to financial experts committed to improving efficiency, eliminating bottlenecks, and creating better-reporting systems. Simply put, they evaluate your current financial transaction to identify loopholes in the system that restrict capital expansion.

Maximize Your Profits

Focus on what you do best, while remote CFOs create value by managing your finances. We emphasize optimization of revenue, accuracy with numbers, and timeliness when filing taxes. With improved implementation and planning, you can make better decisions.

Budgeting And Forecasting

We update our customers regarding their financial standings by tracking their expenses, especially income, to maximize returns on investment. This information is then used to build a budget and forecasting reports that predict how future events may impact the financial status of your business.


Budget-friendly CFO services without compromising on quality

Join forces with thousands of businesses using Books And Balances INC to record transactions, recognize monetary issues, and store financial documentation. Update as you go!

  • 8 hours of CFO engagement


    • Personal CFO Consultation
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Annual Budget based on Industry specific variables
    • Financial Statements
    • Monthly Variance Analysis & Reporting against Annual Budget
    • Board Meeting Presence

The People's Choice for Financial Solutions

We cherish our customer-centric mindset for formulating financial solutions for small businesses struggling to plan their investments or meet their financial obligations.


How It Works?


Personalized onboarding

Your dedicated team learns your business and connects to your financial data sources, ensuring a tailored approach to your needs and setting the stage for accurate results.


Streamlined communication

Communicate directly with your team through our user-friendly portal, where you can ask questions and provide feedback on any outstanding items needed to finalize every month.


Accurate Data

We deliver monthly P&L, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flow reports that offer insight into your company’s financial health and enable you to make informed decisions.


We are trusted not to compromise.


Because It’s Your Right to Know!

If you’re new to Books And Balances INC, this bit should help you learn more about our platform, features, and services.

Outsourced CFO services provide businesses with access to experienced financial professionals who offer strategic financial guidance and expertise on a part-time or project basis.

Outsourced CFO services provide cost-effective access to high-level financial expertise without the expense of a full-time CFO. They help businesses improve financial management, strategic decision-making, and growth planning.

Outsourced CFOs work remotely or on-site, depending on business needs. They analyze financial data, develop financial strategies, provide financial reporting, budgeting, cash flow management, and assist with financial planning and forecasting.

Outsourced CFO services offer cost savings, specialized financial expertise, unbiased advice, scalability, and flexibility. They help businesses make informed financial decisions, improve profitability, and achieve their long-term financial goals.

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